Cracker Jack Kids

“The key principles that create champions in sport
also create champions in life”

CrackerJack Kids is a groundbreaking new resource for primary school teachers, using game play to teach essential character traits and life skills to students. Our unique approach positively impacts student behaviour and performance not only on the field, but in the classroom, home and beyond.

Honesty, respect, loyalty and other qualities are brought to life through the language and experience of sport – holistically building physical and character fitness into everyday learning. After a successful pilot trial involving kids nationwide, school demand for CrackerJack Kids is growing quickly.

“It’s important for children to be self-directed…
and CrackerJacks does [this] very specifically.”

Nicola Girling, Principal, Hillsborough Primary School

CrackerJack Kids is a Quantum Sport programme. More information is available on the Quantum Sport website.

A complete Health and PE planning resource

CrackerJack Kids is a complete Health and PE planning resource, designed to meet Ministry of Education requirements. Available for Years 1-6, the full CrackerJack Kids PE programme includes professional development for teachers and targeted support for parents.

A growing number of New Zealand’s sports champions are joining the CrackerJack Kids movement, serving as Ambassadors at school events to inspire teachers and students alike.

“When my life off the field got sorted,
my performance on the field lifted.”

Wynton Rufer, Quantum Sport Patron

It’s time for CrackerJack Kids

New Zealand society has undergone rapid social, technological and economic change in recent decades. In our fast-paced culture, opportunities to educate children in essential life skills have diminished. Families – once the bedrock of values education – are under increasing pressure and many struggle to equip kids with the life skills needed to live to their potential. In the void, children are looking to (often dysfunctional) sport and pop icons for their moral compass. Rising rates of depression, violence and social disconnection concern us all.

With sporting heroes playing a major role in shaping the lives and dreams of our nation’s kids, we are presented with a tremendous opportunity: CrackerJack Kids aims to train a new generation of sports people.

Through the language and experience of sport, we are empowering kiwi kids to become great leaders of self and positive role models for others; well-rounded, stable individuals equipped to achieve optimal performance on and off the field. Already many schools and parents are reporting improved attitudes and behaviour as a result of this innovative approach.

“Sport is like the hidden social worker in every community.”

Sebastian Coe


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