Kahikitea (Year 6,7 and 8)



TERM 1, 2017

Kia Ora, Kia Orana, Talofa, Bula Vinaka, Malo e lelei, Fakalofa lahi atu, Namaste, Sat Shri Akal, Salam alaikum, Kumusta, Preevyet & Warm Pacific Greetings to you all. Randwick Park continues to be a vibrant learning community providing diverse educational experiences to cater for the learning needs of our tamariki.

Dear Parents/Whanau, Students & Community Members

Welcome to 2017. As a school we are looking forward to another exciting year, ensuring we offer a wide range of the best learning opportunities for our tamariki.  A warm welcome to new students, family & whanau to our learning community. We look forward to working with you and having you as part of our school community.

This year the Kahikatea team is made up of nine members. The team consists of:

Miss Sophie Graham –  Room 13

Mrs Lolet Hutcheson – Room 19

Mrs Shashi Thakur – Room 21

Miss Joanne Doran – Room 22

Miss Jessica Jury – Room 23

Technology Teachers

Cooking – Mrs Daljit Kaur – Te Kahuruka

Soft Materials (Sewing) – Mrs Stephanie Smith – Gallery breakout space

Hard Materials (Woodwork) – Mr Tim Armstrong – Room 32


Mr Sala’a Lologa – Y7/8 Team Leader & ICT Co-ordinator



Our main theme for for Term 1 is “…Being better than before..”striving to being the best version of ourselves.


This unit is an inquiry into…

  • Increase confidence and competence
  • Having opportunity to contribute and share
  • Actively take part with aim to develop confidence to self direct and initiate future play/game opportunities.
  • Critically analyse their own and others actions
  • Develop a positive and responsive attitude towards their own well being and others.



Students will be grouped according to their assessments at the end 2016.   These will be flexible to ensure students are working at the appropriate level.   For the majority of the term, the children will be learning how to think critically about texts.  They will also know how to identify particular points of view and recognize that texts can position a reader.  Building vocabulary is a further aspect that we will be focusing on.  Understanding what they read is often a direct result on how well they can understand the vocabulary.  We will be encouraging students to read a biography about a well known person.


As in Reading, Writing will be needs based and individuals will be grouped accordingly.  Students will understand that writing has a purpose and that the audience with whom they are writing to determines how a piece is structured and written.  One aspect of our writing programmes will be around individual inquiries about a hero or role model.  Other learning includes:

  •    how to convey and sustain personal voice in a piece of writing
  •    form and express ideas with increased clarity drawing on a range of sources e.g. internet, books, magazines, people
  •    use a range of vocabulary to communicate meaning
  •    organise and sequence ideas and information with confidence


In Numeracy, students may be grouped in a variety of ways such as mixed ability, similar ability and social groups.  This is to expand the number of children they work with and expose them to concepts, ideas and strategies they may not necessarily be aware of.  Being able to extract important information and the correct operation ( +, -, x or  ÷) from a word problem, to reach a solution will be a focus.  Students will be encouraged to justify their thinking/working out.  In Algebra students will be working on linear equations, coordinate graphs which include integers (four quadrant).


Camp Adair 2017

The Kahikitea team will be going on camp in Term One. The purpose of this experience is for our students to:

  • Develop relationships, build teamwork and foster leadership skills
  • Improve self-confidence, willingness to take risks and problem solve


WHERE: Camp Adair, Hunua

WHEN: Wednesday 1st March – Friday 3rd March, Term One, 2017

WHO: Kahikitea Team and Nga Manukura Year 7 tamariki

FOR HOW LONG?: Two nights and three days


COST: $80.00 due by 3.30pm Friday 24 February, 2017.  This can be paid in installments and either online or in person at our school office. The school is heavily subsidising the overall cost to ensure as many tamariki as possible have the opportunity to participate.


Some of the activities that will be available for your child may include:


Ropes Challenge

Climbing wall

Initiative exercises and Teamwork


Air rifle shooting

Bush craft


A camp information evening is scheduled for 6pm on Wednesday 15th February. This will be held in the staffroom, where teachers will share additional information about how the camp will run and it is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have.


Te Reo Māori

Maori is part of the New Zealand curriculum so this term the foci will be on learning their pepeha and mihi.  To help your child, here is a suggested checklist of what they need to know to successfully complete their pepeha.  If you are unsure of some of these you can either take up the challenge of finding out from extended whanau members or simply omit that particular aspect.

Whanau name

Grandmother’s name

Grandfather’s name

Mother’s name

Father’s name

Name of Marae or village

Name of your tribe

Name of chief of your village/marae

Waka or name of airline that transported your family to NZ

Name of your mountain or a mountain close to where you are from

Name of your river or a river close to where you are from


Helping your child with these will be greatly appreciated.

Physical Education

The CrackerJack programme ‘Better than before’ has been made our focus term 1.  Students learn values and morals such as patience and perseverance through games and fun activities. This programme is a mixture of verbal, written and physical communication.  It teaches self-belief and that goals cannot be achieved without hard work.  Learning correct techniques and skills and then applying them in a game situation will be a focus throughout the year.


Students need to bring a t-shirt that they can change into for PE lessons.  We encourage students to use deodorant.


The Year 7/8 students will be going swimming towards this term.  The expectation is that all students bring their togs and towel ready for their swimming lessons.  Accompanying this learning will be how to remain safe in and around water.



Summer is a very hot time and the breaking down of the ozone layer further reminds us to be sun smart.  New Zealand along with Australia has among the highest melanoma rates in the world.  We ask that all students have a navy hat with a wide brim and that it is worn to school, at school and from school.  



Thank you to all the families that were able to attend their first Te Hui Ako last Friday.

Our Te Hui Ako continues to be one of our highlights at Randwick Park School. In Terms Two and Three it is an opportunity for you to gain an understanding of how your child is performing against the National Standards, the goals that they have set for themselves and how they plan to achieve these.

Te Hui Ako are a very important part of our learning at Randwick Park School.  We look forward to supporting your tamariki as they share information about their learning with you.  Having a common goal we are all working towards will assist us with your son/daughter’s learning. This will always be our priority.



Every week your son/daughter will be provided with homework. The goal is for students to complete part of this every night, to reinforce what they are learning in the classroom. If necessary, please go over the homework with your child. You may need to support them with clarifying instructions. We expect a high standard of content and setting out. Each child is asked to complete the work to the best of their ability independently. This is part of preparing and reinforcing our tamariki as self – managing learners.


Stationery lists have been distributed. Children have started in their books. Our expectation is for all students to have consistently high standards of work and presentation. We ask that, where possible stationery is purchased as soon as you are able. Thank you to the many of you who have already done this. If you have any issues or concerns around the purchase of your son/daughter’s stationery, please discuss this with their Class Teacher.

Stationery costs $65 for a full pack. This includes the cost for technology fees for the year.


Those attending Randwick Park School are to wear our RPS uniform to school every day. If for some reason your child is unable to do this, a phone call, email or a dated and signed note is required. Where appropriate non uniform items will be removed and returned at a later date. Please ensure all parts of your child’s uniform items are clearly named.

Uniform expectations include:

Shoulder length hair to be tied back with a white, navy or black hair tie.

White, navy or black socks to be worn

Jewellery is not part of our uniform unless worn for cultural / religious reasons and requires an email or phone call to our School Office, your tamariki’s class teacher or a signed and dated note from home explaining this.  The information will be kept with our school records.

Small stud earrings only, for safety

Nail polish is not part of our school uniform.

All RPS uniform items can be purchased from the Uniform Shop

L1 /185 Great South Rd

Southmall, Manurewa – Ph 267 6067


Learning commences at 8:40am at Randwick Park, please have your son/daughter here by 8:30am. This allows time for them to unpack and be settled before learning starts. Our aim at RPS is to have 100% of learners attending school on time daily 100% of the time. We can achieve this with your support. If your

child(ren) is unable to be here by 8:40am, please make contact with our School Office advising of this or when dropping your tamariki off come and sign them in, explaining the reason for their lateness. If your child arrives after the bell without any explanation they will be required to make up their learning minutes missed at break time. Ongoing lateness or absences are addressed by our School Liaison Officer – Mrs Dot Henson in the first instance. If this continues and is interfering with your child(ren)’s learning, it will be referred to the Manurewa Truancy Office. We do not want to be have to do this for anyone at Randwick Park!

We were very pleased to note that the numbers of students arriving after the 8:40am bell continued to decrease during 2014 and we look forward to getting even better this year.


Randwick Park School is a Health Promoting School (HPS). The purpose of belonging to this is to build health knowledge and skills for and with our tamariki in order for them to make positive healthy choices about how they live their lives and what they put into their bodies including food and drink.

We encourage our students to eat healthy food.  A healthy lunch is one that contains the four main food groups (fruit, vegetables, protein such as meat and starch such as bread, rice) and tries to minimalise sugars and high fat foods like chips.

If you are delivering your child’s lunch please aim to have it balanced as described above and bring this to our school office. It will be available for your son/daughter to collect at the next break time.


All students that are not part of the ‘Skids’ After School Care Programme or involved in Sports/Dance practices are to be off site by 3.00pm.  This is for their safety, as staff are regularly in meetings after school and cannot be responsible for their care.  If you are unable to collect your child by 3:00pm, please contact the ‘Skids’ team on 021446239, 0212869900 or 2741497 (evenings).


Students at times may need to have a cell phone at school.  We ask that they do not do this unless it is essential for communication after school.  If your tamariki requires a cell phone it is to be given to the teacher at the start of the day and collected after the final bell. This assists with its security.  If students are seen carrying a cell phone during the school day it will be removed.  In the first instance, it will be returned, the second, it will be retained until a parent/whanau member comes to collect it. Once again if you have any questions relating to this please do not hesitate to contact us.  We appreciate your understanding of this request.

TERM 1 DATES 2017  –   Change for different teams

Term 1:   3 February –   13 April

Term 2:   1 May        –   7 July

Term 3:   24 July      –   29 September

Term 4:   16 October –   20 December

Monday 5 June        –   Queens Birthday – Public Holiday

Monday 23 October –   Labour Weekend – Public Holiday

Please do not hesitate to contact us through our School Office on 267-0112 or email rpoffice@randwickpark.school.nz, if you have any questions or matters relating to your child’s learning or our School. Do not wait, the sooner we know about an issue, the easier it is to address.

We look forward to welcoming new members to our community while continuing to support your child with their learning during 2017 and having you as part of our Randwick Park School family.

Noho Ora Mai


Sala’a Lologa

ICT Co-ordinator

Year 7/8 Team Leader

Staff Trustee Member

On behalf of the Year 7/8 teachers


52-Grad YBP final