HIPPY Programme

Home Interaction Programme for Parents and Youngsters

HIPPY is a two-year home-based parenting and early childhood enrichment programme that builds the confidence and skills of parents to create a positive learning environment through which to prepare their four and five year old child for school.

HIPPY understands the critical role parents play in their children’s education. The programme builds on the bond between parents and children while supporting parents as they provide their children with the necessary skills and confidence to begin school with a positive attitude toward learning.

HIPPY is specifically designed for parents who may not feel comfortable in their abilities to teach their children. Parents and children work together for fifteen minutes a day with storybooks, puzzles and learning games that help children to become successful learners.

Participation in the programme also offers some parents a supported pathway to further study, employment and local community leadership.

Currently there are 32 programme operating in low-income communities around the country, this includes six new sites that have opened their doors in 2012. The New Zealand Government has committed to the expansion of the HIPPY programme over the next four years, which will  see the opening of a further 13 sites by 2015, to bring the total number of HIPPY programmes to 45 across New Zealand.