Girls Day Out


In October our Girls were fortunate enough to be invited to the “Girls Day Out” in Takapuna organised by Papa Steve and many of his sponsors. The girls visited Les Mills Gym where they participated in a cross fit session on the roof top. 



After a hard out workout they were invited to a Shabam workout. Shabam is an up beat, fast and fun work out session. Our girls danced their hearts out to the latest music, even Miss Solo got into the swing of things.

We then went for a walk along Takapuna beach where we had a swim, followed by showers at the Takapuna Boat Club. For lunch we were treated to some delicious Thai Cuisine at a local Restaurant.

After an exciting day out filled with adventures we were all exhausted. The final icing on the cake was receiving gift packs prepared by our sponsors. Thank you to everyone who made this day so amazing for us all.

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