Little Warriors Programme


This year our Sports Academy was fortunate enough to be a part of a pilot program called the “Little Warriors”.
The programme is designed to teach students the necessary skills to plan, organise and run their own tournament.

Session One: Jerome, Petrece and Sam came to our school to introduce the concept to us. They took us through warm-ups, stretches and games to teach us basic skills needed to play league. We were given equipment and information to help us.




Session TWO: We went back over drills and skills from session one then went on to the logistics of how to plan a draw and run a tournament.


Session Three: We organised our own mini tournament. Our leaders delegated jobs like coaching, refereeing, scoring and timekeeping. Jerome and Petrece observed how we ran our tournament and gave us helpful advice on how to do things more efficently.



This progam gave us an opportunity to experience another perspective of sport. It made us appreciate the work organisers have to do when running an event.
It gave us all a chance to participate and share our new knowledge with other students in school.

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