Announcement : 

Kia Ora! Welcome to Randwick Park School

Areas of Learning 


At Randwick Park School we want our students to be passionate and motivated readers and writers. We aim to foster an enjoyment of reading while teaching the skills required to be successful, confident readers. The focus in junior school (Year 1 and 2) is around building tamariki’s knowledge of letter sounds and blends so they have the knowledge to sound unknown words. As the students progress through the school the focus moves to understanding what they read, using information and thinking critically.

Each term teachers do reading assessments to gauge progress and to identify the next steps. This is done either through a running record or twice yearly comprehension and vocabulary assessment (PAT) with Year 5-8 students. When taking Running Records teachers are looking to see how accurately children read, how closely they monitor their own reading and self-correct their errors, if they understand what they are reading and their fluency.

Tamariki have the opportunity to write using a variety of different text types. Where possible writing is linked to Discovery (inquiry learning) so it has a meaningful and relevant context. The writing genre changes depending on topics by may include recounts, persuasion, instructions, poetry and descriptions. Each year seniors take part in Rehu Tai (speeches) and our top students participate in a competition.

Twice yearly students do an independent piece of writing with is level and moderated by teachers. This is used to identify next learning steps.


The teaching of Mathematics is one of our core areas of learning at Randwick Park School. Our programme is designed to develop students’ mathematical understanding and capability as they progress through the New Zealand Curriculum. Teachers collaboratively plan the learning programmes, tailoring them to the needs of all tamariki. We believe that students learn best when they are working in a collaborative problem-solving environment that recognises and celebrates their cultures and experiences. Tamariki will participate in hands-on activities while specifically being taught the skills, strategies and knowledge in Number, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement and Statistics. We participate in many interschool maths competitions such as Mathex, Kiwi Kids Competitions and NZ Maths Week where we are proud of their achievements and results. We believe that all of our tamariki can become confident and competent mathematicians.


The Reggio Emilia approach is an educational philosophy, this approach is student-centered and uses child-led, investigative learning. At RPS we work to encourage independent thought and strive to provide an environment for students to develop and create. Our tamariki provide direction into their own learning and work through our inquiry cycle to develop in depth thinking.