Announcement : 

Kia Ora! Welcome to Randwick Park School

Responsible Thinking Process

Our Discipline Philosophy

We believe that all students are responsible for their own actions. Teachers have the right to teach and students have the right to learn in safety. No student has the right to prevent other students from learning or to threaten or violate the rights and safety of others.

The intent of the process is to help students who are acting as a disturbance within the classroom, to think of ways of reaching their goals without violating the rights of others. This is done by asking students reflective questions about how they want to be or act.

We treat students the same way as those having difficulty in an academic subject: in a non punitive and with understanding, respect and patience.

Randwick Park has three rules

  • I will care for others.
  • I will respect others learning.
  • I will obey the law.

When required students go to our Responsible Thinking Classroom and write plans about what has happen and strategies going forward. Going to the thinking room is not a punishment and generally whānau are only contacted if behaviours severe or continue after multiple plans.